With the KU114 (DIN-rail mount) and KU13LAN (rackmount) ETH/RS232-gateways you can redirect your serial line communication through IP-lines.
Fall back switch feature can turn on spare communication if IP-connection fails.

Several applications for these units available.


  • DIN-rail mount
  • 1 x ETH, 3 x RS232
  • Main line ETH-->RTU
  • Fall back switch line Modem-->RTU
  • RTU CON, sub-station console-->ETH
  • Supply voltage 12-60VDC


  • Rackmount
  • 1 x ETH, 2 x RS232
  • Main line ETH-->A/B
  • A/B-line change option with switch
  • D9 serialline monitoring
  • Suppply voltage 12-60VDC
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