KU113 Fallback switch

Fall Back Switch KU113 is used to select the functioning communication line for the RTU.
The selection criteria is based on the responding frequency of the RTU. FBS switching
time must be adjusted to match with the polling period of the RTU. If there is no poll for
the RTU and no response, the FBS is changing the line continuously. Suddenly the RTU
receives the good poll and responds, this will satisfy the control logic and make the
current selection permanent. If the polling is stopped then the FBS starts to hunt for the
good line again.



  • Configuration with trim- and dip switches
  • Line changing time 150ms-15s
  • D25-interface for monitoring
  • DIN-rail mount
  • Alarm relays
  • Data traffic lights
  • Supply voltage 12-60 VDC


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